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Tennis Legend Chris Evert shares her personal story of Ovarian Cancer

In a recent interview on PBS’s NewsHour, Chris Evert, six-time US Open champion, tells her story of diagnosis and treatment for ovarian cancer following her younger sister’s death from the disease. Thanks to genetic testing recommended by her sister’s doctor, Chris was found to carry the same BRCA mutation that took her sister’s life.  Chris’s own case was detected early at stage 1C, and she received timely treatment.  Read about her cancer journey here:




The Decision

By Marcia Mabee

Life was good for my husband, Tim, and me in the fall of 2007. We managed a small company Tim had founded. He provided medical publishing services for clients and I provided executive and federal representation services for non-profit public health organizations. We were able not only to support ourselves well, but also provide critical financial support for Tim’s 26 year old daughter who is severely learning-disabled. I, and we, had no other children.

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Ovarian Cancer…A Three-Part Series

By Karen
1. Quite the Journey. The First Step.

What a kick in the pants! Cancer! Who would have thought?

Have you experienced over a 12-week length of time:

  • Exhaustion! or
  • Frequent urination-
  • Head ache -
  • Constipation-
  • Infrequent lower back pain-

I had all these symptoms for more than two years on and off and I didn’t think of any of these as being connected or relevant. All women experience these “symptoms.” What is normal? What should you complain about? I was clueless.

Ovarian cancer is known as the whisperer disease and with good reason.

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